Preventive Dental Care in Laurel, MS

March 21, 2023
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What is Preventative Dental Care?

Stay ahead of tooth trouble by practicing preventative dental care! Preventive dental care may include brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, in addition to scheduling regular check-ups with your dentist. Taking care of your oral health helps you avoid more serious issues like cavities, gingivitis, enamel loss, and periodontal diseases.

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At-Home Preventative Care

Maintaining a regular oral hygiene routine is vital for healthy teeth and gums. Focus on brushing twice daily for two minutes each time, using fluoride-based toothpaste to get rid of plaque buildup. Consider investing in an electric brush that will do the counting for you! Don’t neglect to floss, either. Flossing between all your teeth keeps them free from food particles and plaque buildup.

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In-Office Preventative Care

Regular visits to your dentist are essential for keeping a healthy smile. Booking an appointment every six months for routine cleaning with the dental hygienist is important, but it may need to be more frequent if advised by your dentist or hygienist. Regular visits to the dentist can help you avoid a variety of problematic oral health issues. Preventive dentistry encompasses services such as evaluations, check-ups, and fluoride treatments that aim to protect your teeth from costly damage. So don’t wait until it’s too late; stay on top of your dental care. Schedule that upcoming check-up to maintain optimal oral health and have confidence in your teeth and gums!

What Happens If You Do Not Properly Take Care of Your Teeth?

Neglecting your oral health has serious consequences. Without taking preventive measures, you will find yourself dealing with cavities at the least, not to mention possible gum disease, enamel deterioration, or periodontitis! Always brush your teeth twice daily, develop a consistent flossing routine, and see the dentist regularly for check-ups.

Pros of Preventative Dental Care

Taking good care of your teeth reaps many rewards. Not only can you avoid the pain and embarrassment that accompany tooth decay, but preventive dental practices also save time and money in the long run by safeguarding against oral diseases or cavities! When combined with regular visits to a dentist for check-ups, you’ll be able to maintain an attractive smile while keeping minor issues from becoming costly problems down the road.

Preventative Dental Care in Laurel, MS

Laurel Oaks Dental Care is the perfect solution for all your dental needs. From preventative care to full-service treatment, we’ve got you covered! Our team of qualified personnel will deliver quality service and ensure optimal oral health. Don’t wait any longer if it’s been six months since your last visit. Contact us now and start on a path towards bettering yourself today!